A lesson in kindness

While assisting my lovely and wonderfully talented lady manage and organize the finishing touches of her Atlanta trade show art booth i go behind said booth to noticed someone else’s packing material piled in a heap taking up space to be shared by the adjacent booths on the isle. Being the hot head that i am my first inclination was to throw this shit over onto their side or at the very least bring it to their attention when our sweet and good-natured booth neighbor Mary says “we can simply consolidate all this, no biggie...”

Vintage Girl Designs, LLC.

Vintage Girl Designs, LLC.

Wow, talk about feeling small. My ego just got roasted! Such a valuable lesson! All this talk on Love and when i least expected it Love blesses me, yet again, with another juicy treasure in kindness; better still, how to demonstrate through Loving action. This simple yet very profound lesson touches me very deeply. The owners of this packing material will most likely not realize that someone neatly folded and stowed their crap for them or even why it was done, let alone teach them how to stow their own shit, or even how to pay it forward.

The point is Love teaches through exemplary compassion and graceful action requiring zero, zip, zilch in acknowledgement from anyone or anything. Love loves solely for the sake of Loving. I already knew this but realized I REALLY didn’t know how to Love in this way. Humbling, truly humbling. I’ve been pondering on this for the last 24 hours and still find myself utterly grateful for this sweet opportunity and to the brilliant sole that opened my heart to yet another one of Love’s divine facets. Absolutely brilliant!

Not only is my mind still reeling over this incredibly simple lesson but also how creativity is now taking hold of me into the infinite possibilities in which I can learn to express love through grace and meaningful action. Thank you God, thank you Love, thank you Universe, thank you Source… Thank you!