Knowing the unknown

In general i believe it would be safe to say that we have a natural tendency to plan, prepare, organize, and even have contingencies in place. Kudos to those that actually do. Then there the exceptions to planners, we all know them, the ones that plan every waking aspect of their existence. This has me wondering what would happen if for all that planning were it to bottom out and all you were left with was your gut, instinct, or intuition would the outcome remain the same or would it all crumble.


Don't get me wrong, planning is a skill i see great opportunity in how i live my day-to-day instead of solely flying by the seat of my soul. However, if we all looked at life from a 10,000 foot view on our dependency and insescent "need to know" would it inspire you to ask "what is our fascination with knowing what's to happen anyway?" Really, where has our sense of adventure gone i ask you? Is it really an adventure if it has been planned? By the way, the definition of Adventure - a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Yeah, my curiosity has an energy all its own. These are among the many questions that come to me when I least expected them, say during meditation, in the shower or even washing dishes.

A very cool inspirational speaker and life coach Christine Hassler once wrote "... making changes that may be scary and facing uncertainty with faith..." in her view of spirituality and it got me thinking about not only my view of the unknown but that of everyone i've ever coached through challenges. My opinion is you either believe in something, anything, greater than yourself or you believe this physical existence is all there is and will be. For those who believe in the former know their faith often treads a very fine line between fear of the unknown and surrendering to it.

Follow my wacky logic, if you will, has me asking if faith is what we require in letting go and giving way to the unknown then is that to say fear of the unknown is the very lack of faith itself? Duh...!!! Of course silly (yeah, i even respond to myself). Hold on but isn't faith defined as trusting in something or someone? That being the case, once again my funky logic, trusting in the adventure (unknown) is really all we need in every step we take on our winding journey to make it all we want it be? Holy cow, could it really be that easy? You mean to tell me that's how we've been missing the mark this whole time, by living in fear instead of faith? BREAK THROUGH.... (screeching tires).... Wait, faith in what exactly? Crap, the algorithm of logic is not yet complete! Dang it! 

The simple reality is that faith in the "something greater than yourself" AND the essence of that very same higher power within you is all that's needed to live in adventure every waking moment of your existence. Adventure doesn't have to take us away from our everyday. It can be in playing that board game you would normally not play with someone or trying that dish that smell delicious but may not be visually appealing to you. Openness and allowing in our discernment is how we can redivine ourselves by invitining with our hearts, welcoming with our mind, and having faith in  knowing the unknown. Be well in Love and Light.