Not always about right or wrong

Learning to let go is something we hear quite a bit like many the other hot topics of today. For instance, happiness is a choice, mindful awareness, or conscious parenting. Letting go is a pretty simple thing to do... right? Not when we fail to realize the scope of how this idea translates into so many different aspects of our lives.


One day Michelle and i got into a fairly heated disagreement. We found ourselves going in circles trying to prove how our particular point was right instead of taking the time clearly express what we were really feeling. The lesson learned for me was letting go the need to be right. Of the many lessons learned along my winding journey letting go has been quite a challenging one. As Queen Elsa so poignantly sang in the hit Disney movie Frozen "Let it go." I had to learn just to let go. Seriously!

This truly is one of those one size fits all mottos. For example, i have learned to let go that illusion of protecting the feelings of others which prevented me from being authentic and kindly honest. That one will make a bit more sense after reading my blog post "Personally, everything is not personal." Letting go the need to seek validation and affirmation from external sources instead of having the courage to trust in myself for the validation and affirmation i needed. That one was monumental for me when it finally dawned on me and i finally decide to grow a pair to let go fear of the unknown.

Wow, that was an extremely important lesson which has liberated me by allowing me to live in adventure everyday that i am blessed to experience in the unkown. By its very definition adventure is to embark into the unkown. Once i chose to live in this new paradigm life seemed to take on an intensely rich and deeply fulfilling way of experiencing every day.  

Those were but a few examples of how learning to let go that have enriched my life abundantly. I encourage you, in moments of stillness, to pray and meditate on opportunities you will chose to let go of thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve you. Love and light.