Conspiring against you? Really???

Have you ever had that feeling of some force making things more challenging than you want them to be? Almost like some overarching matrix is imposing its construct to antagonise your efforts in achieving full potential... MUAH-HA-HA-HA (added for dramatic effect). What if i told you that very force is actually all YOU?


Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Letting the universe know what you wish, hope, want, and desire is only part of the agreement. This fundamental and uncommonly accepted truth was very obscure to me for a LONG time. It was much easier to play a powerless victim than a powerful co-creator. Reflecting on this truth has me feeling VERY thankful for all past seasons and experiences that shaped who i am and who i will become.

Then what's the other part of the agreement? Well do you remember hearing that tired old adage "be careful what you wish for?" WTF did that really mean anyway? Did you know? i sure as heck didn't know for a freaking long time and the worse part was i didn't even bother ask for insight. Now that was a lesson learned the hard way, as with most, which helped shift my paradigm in understanding how the universe receives everything, all intentions. You see it manifests all things in a VERY LITERAL sense.

Here's how and second part of the agreement, it does so with divine knowing that everything IS POSSIBLE, at least within the quantum limitations of our reality within this realm. That is to say, all energy within the universe is focused on and conspires to manifest our wishes, hopes, wants, desires, and intentions. However, whether we DO or DO NOT wish, hope, want, desire, or intend for has absolutely no baring or relevance. For example, "i don't want to date unemployed jerks that mooch off me..." is not received the same as "i want to meet a successful and secure loving guy to date."

There is a graceful dance we have with the universe through frame of mind, perception, and attitude which manifests everything we co-create in our universe with God.  Armed with this divine power encourages you to be very clear and authentic when 'putting' anything into the universe. Yeez! Talk about accountability! The key is to ensure this incredibly devine power is used wisely and mindfully.

So before you put anything 'out there' be mindfully aware of what exactly you want to have conspired in your behalf. You have the power to co-create the life you want, all you need is to be authentically clear in your intentions.