Personally, everything is not personal

My opinion, my understanding, or any other opinion of you anyone may have is none of your business. Wait, what...? "How is it none of my business what others think of me" some of you may be wondering? I have a reputation to maintain, an image of self to uphold. Right? Perhaps, I suppose, if you prefer to give energy and your power to the opinion of others.

In these amazing spirited and culturally ignited times we find many awakened souls being exposed, in one form or another, to the idea of not taking anything personal. This is nothing new of course nor is it some new way of thinking. This topic has been covered in so many different manners by so many past sages and wise enlightened leaders for reasons why we shouldn't take anything personal that it almost seems redundant for me to even bother writing about it at all. What's the point?


Ever heard of detached Love? A topic for another day but of a parallel premise. 

Do you find yourself comparing to the successes of others? What about their materialistic posessions to your lack there of? How about parents that feel the sting when their kids didn't appreciate a meal that was made from the heart? Are you picking up what I'm laying down here? Realistically my peeps, it's virtually impossible to not take anything personal. Even positive kind gestures of how thoughtful a person you are for giving just the right gift can be taken personal in an egotistical manner. Surely by now we all get how others perceive us is not of our doing. Or do we? The only power any of us truly possess is over oneself and to devote any amount of energy to their opinion is in itself an exercise in futility.

Do not misunderstand the message being convayed here. Love another as one wishes to be Loved is not the same as a Loved one expressing you are an insensitive ass. Them feeling you are an insensitive ass is more to do with a wound exposed in them which they have yet to heal themselves. Think of it like this, the opinions of others are like "pie holes", everyone's got one and it was never really about you anyway.