Interesting how assuming has a way of biting us in the ass. i know because i've had my ass bitten MANY a time by assuming. Freakin pesky chattering little bug in my mind.

When we presume, assume, or jump to conclusions we are guessing at what the truth may be with little to no evidence at all... Now I'm sure you don't need me telling you how the truth is often not what we thought it to be. My dad would always say "you make an ass of u and me when you ass-u-me." Another one was "that's what you get for thinking" in response to when I would say "...but i thought" instead of knowing through seeking clarity.


There is so much beauty and power in truth, a liberating power. Not just for ourselves but also for all whom with we have shared our truths. When we share our truths we not only release them into the universe but we also provide whoever we shared our truth the opportunity to choose their path regardless the outcome. Let me be very clear here, speaking our truth should not be dependent on what we assume the outcome will be.

The caveat, it's not what i say but how say it. Something I've heard ALL my life is how tact and delivery can soften the blow of even ugliest truth. Tact can make all the difference. 

Trusting in truth's power is something that has taken me a very long time to embrace and walk through the fear associated with truth. This is not the case for everyone, i know. There are those brave souls, which i sometimes envy, that are as clear and transparent as one can get in truth but often time lack the tact and skill to deliver such powerful messages with compassion and kindness; time and place for everything i suppose.

There is certainly an art when we choose to dance with TRUTH.