Walking in the dark

As darkness approaches should i run and seek refuge in the light or allow it to envelope me? Aren't we always seeking the light or shine it anywhere there is darkness? Well that's what I've believed for quite some time until recently. This also is now a thought provoking topic and one i'd like to discuss this with you further. Yeah, you read that correctly, i said discuss. After reading this post, if compelled, please comment below.


We all feel pain and often this pain stems from a form of fear, of darkness, which we neglect or deny lives within us. We become so distracted by the pain that we fail ask the real question glaring us squarely in the face. What is it about the underlying fear that is causing me pain? Let us try to look at it from another perspective, from the physical realm. For example, say you're driving to work and for one reason or another you are running behind. Adding to your frustration, a form of pain, you are less than a mile from work and you hear a loud pop. Suddenly realizing that one of your tires are blown and is now flat.

"WTF, SERIOUSLY, this is all i need right now" you frustratingly say to yourself. In reality, though, the flat is nothing more than a tire without air. However, we make the flat tire THE source of our pain. Is it really? Of course not! The flat and it's associated frustration (darkness) are but the symptoms, the source is what caused the flat. A neglected bald tire, debris in road either from construction or a previous accident that went unnoticed because your haste. How many times have you run over debris that was visually unnoticed and the only evidence was a thud or what felt like a bump in the road where there was none as you look in the rearview mirror to see something thrown up by your car? Never the less, you're pissed all to hell and late to work. That is a form of darkness.

Our emotional lives are no different. I say all this to help you see that darkness is an inevitable part of our existence. Day light is preceded by the dark of night. There have been plenty of times when i am too lazy to flip on a stinking light switch because i assumed it was quicker to fumble through the darkness trying to find a bloody pen. Yet i did it without fear. Another perfect example is getting up to pee in the middle of the night. Again, no fear as i walk into the bathroom, in complete darkness, to pee and initially missing the bowl then autocorrecting until i hear my stream hit the water (CURSES!!!). Now I have to clean pee in the morning! UGH!!!! 

i am the first to admit of being guilty in professing how we should all seek the light knowing i do not always do this myself. Darkness often visits me in many different forms. Mainly when I'm REALLY tired, hungry or during a full moon, there i said it. Those are the times i can quickly and easily identify my change in mood but then there often more subtle queues  for a change in my mood. The point is when caught up in the fog of your own darkness it is okay to be brave and scared at the same time as you navigate through it to the other side. I'm not saying wallow in it like many often to do. Ideally and hopefully you learn embrace those precious opportunities and learn the source of fear for the darkness that lives within you.

Remember, i'd really like to know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Thank you for taking the time to read and participate in this space.