Presence and multitasking

As i am typing this post i have answered a phone call, music in the background, and washing clothes. Oh and there's something on the stove i have to keep an eye on. Crap... hold on... brb... that something on the stove is about to boil over... Okay back, phewwww that was close! Multitasking at its best. i've got this... like a BOSS!

How many out there feel they relate to a similar scenario? So much is expected of us nowadays that we barely have time to cut our toe nails or put lotion on our body. We have Kid events, cooking, family, friends, groceries, work, the list goes on and on. Demands are so high we seem to live in a condition of perpetual ADD. Go, go, go.... Meditate, what? Yeah right! ...Breathe... slow down... i can't just do nothing! Oh my.

Adding to our self induced ADD is the constant bombardment of stimuli from all directions and in different forms. We tend to be so distracted that sometimes failing to see what is right before us seems too common place. This happens to me at times, i am just as guilty of failing to be present when i really need to be. i am human too. Presence can at times elude even the best of us. i'd like to pose a question to anyone out there reading this post. What's your take on it, do you believe you can actually be present when you are multitasking? "But women can multitask better than men..." How many of you have either heard this before or have uttered those very words? Well let me clarify something for you, that is not necessarily accurate. This especially applies to all the ladies out there. Science has proven there is no such thing as "multitasking" when it comes to the human brain.

My theory is that women merely have a greater ability to switch from task to task. Whereas men may not necessarily have such an ability for the same. The brain can maintain multiple threads of operation but focus can only be addressed to one task at a time. Now now, it is not my intention to get caught up in the semantics of it all (before we get into a battle of the sexes regarding mental abilities). Besides, men are waffles and women are spaghetti. Anyhow... The point is how can anyone be truly present when juggling multiple threads at any given moment, let alone be mindfully aware of the world around them?

The answer is up to you to prove me wrong. i have no case studies from any medical journals or empirical data behind my claim. However, riddle me this, how many of you can be truly rational in a heightened emotional state? i personally know of no one that can be livid and rational simultaneously. Why? Because we are human. That's just how we're designed. We've all done stupid crap in the name of Love and yet once the 'in Love' phase subsides, as we reflect in hind sight, it is always 20/20. Though the idea is to remain level headed in the thick of things it is not always so easy to achieve. 

Next time you find yourself in the hustle and bustle of your day try to recognize your level of presence and mindful awareness. Then try to apply ALL your focus only to one task at a time and see if you can become aware of the world around you as well. Become the observer instead of the ego identifying and attaching to everything around you. Be well in that Loving space.