The orphan within

An inner child still lives inside you. This child lives in all of us, an aspect of you still innocent, full of wonder, wide open to trust in Love. Creativity, imagination, and magic are all very real to this inner child. Love, kindness, compassion are what feeds and nourishes this child.


As we transition from childhood through indoctrination and conditioning we succumb to the illusion of how the world “works”. As a result our inner child is forced to shut down and left feeling abandoned and forgotten. This creates space for fear and powerlessness to hold it hostage from free play, creative expression, and seeing the world with that innate sense of awe and wonder. 

We are multidimensional beings bubbling with the effervescing light of divinity’s grace; designed to continuously maintain a state of spiritual homeostasis between mind, body, and soul. Wisdom is not something that is only amassed with age and experience, it is something we all have access to when we listen and connect with our inner child. I strongly believe it is our inner child that helps to bridge the gap between soul and Spirit in our communion with Source, God.

With this new insight i encourage anyone to be that loving conscious parent for your scared, invalidated, belittled, neglected, abused, orphaned child inside YOU. Then observe as creativity in all aspects of life begin to blossom and bubble the surface of your brilliance.