How am i showing up to Love?

Following on the heals of my last article "Kind Authentic Clarity of Self", much of my authentic self, my character, was brought to question. Naturally, considering the circumstances in which i find myself now having to really work through. The question i was forced to ask myself was "how am i FULLY showing up to Love?" Then... BOOM, mushroom cloud! Yeah, even as i write this article a shutter ripples down my being. So then, how am i really showing up? Let's find out. 

Alright so we started i eluded to my "FREAKING out" (yeah i can be such a hot mess at times) in my last article when things in any relationship may begin to feel uneven. It is now that i realized i left something out. i would become so focus on supporting and lift someone else up that over time i would begin to neglect me. Who was supporting and lifting me up then? Not this guy? Then what the blazes does this have anything to do with this article? Patience grasshopper... in time when you get to "Personal". 

Okay, i'll get on with it. Let me break down the main aspects of my life i try my best to show up. Promise to keep this as concise as possible. 

  • Family/Friends
  • Personally
  • Socially
  • Professionally

Family, this includes close friends, are at the top of my list because even though i suck at calling everyone on a weekly basis (i'd be on the phone all freakin day) i am in constant with family and friends in one form or another. They are my support system and i am blessed to have that in my life. How do I show up? By letting them know how much they matter and how blessed I am to have them in my life. I visit when i can and always share in the Love in any way i can. Most importantly, i am there when i'm needed most as best i can for my kids; they are my anchor and grounding effects; they are the reason why i am able to live and Love the way i do today.

Now personally, well... this is where i am honest in saying there are plenty of opportunities to better express Love to #1. For me, giving to everyone else, especially my favorite person (she knows who she is), is so incredibly satisfying that being mindful of self-Love has earned its way to top of the list of my life lessons. Don't get me wrong i much prefer to give but since i made an agreement with this temple for my ENTIRE existence then self-Love must be a priority on par with giving to others. So how do i show up for me? By exercising, listening music, going dancing when i can, enjoying the arts, singing, movies, writing (therapeutic and i recently discovered the more i do it the less i run my freaking yap), and eating healthy delicious food as well as allowing cheat days on a weekly basis. Is that IT? You may wonder but no that is not IT. I also Love my car! It was my gift to me and i absolutely love driving it every time i get behind the wheel. However, where i fall shy of hitting the mark are in my boundaries, that is IT; where i do not fully show up to Love. Like me time for instance, aside from the gym, quiet creative time i don't always take, or errands i tend to put off. My boundaries have become much clearer now but consistency in upholding them is a HUGE must. Are you picking up what i'm laying down? Okay, good.

Now, onto my social life. This one is easy for an extroverted social butterfly like myself. So how do i show up here? With a smile (and charming dimples of course), warm hugs, laughter, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and most importantly letting everyone know my Love is their Love too. My absolute favorite is Loving it forward because..... Sharing is caring!  :-)

Even in business or work, there is space for Love. How to do i show in this aspect of Love? Ensuring i'm on top of my game in soft skills. That's business speak for people skills and tact which i've gotten better while still being direct and forthcoming; not always easy. When i'm really into something and truly believe in it i find that being mindful of not becoming a bull in a china shop is always good practice in patience, humility and temperance. And when things suck well i moan and groan to myself or anyone in my personal life willing to listen to me complain about absolutely nothing of meaning. LoL!!! The point is, Love comes in all forms even in the professional arena. Kindness is always key!

For some this may seem a bit overwhelming to always be "on" and frankly it can be. Sometimes even exhausting but imagine all the aspects of your life where you can bring light into every experience and to every person you touch. Am i always successful at showing up? Pppffftttt..... heck no! Believe me when i say i make mistakes and really messy ones at times but i still try. The thing to remember is showing up for ME as i would for the world. Either way i continue to put myself out there and now understand doing so means sharing myself equally between me and the world i Love. I'd rather be the change i want to see in the world than someone waiting for change to shine upon them. Be well in that Loving space.