Coping, dynamic as the seasons we live

We are all Loving souls wanting to share and receive ever more Love. As such there are wonderful souls living what would feel like a recurring dream where they share Love only to not have it reciprocated.

After years of experiencing Love sapping relationships one's power, self-worth, self-belief, self-image, and other vital elements necessary towards feeling relatively whole and Loved are dulled of their luster and brilliance. Eventually the light within is all but snuffed out leaving a feeling of hopelessness with an unhealthy outlook on Love and life.


Suffering and pain are a reality of Love and how we learn to cope with pain has the ability to establish life long patterns. Behavior is learned and patterns are established, also known as habits or tendencies; default behavior.

As creatures of habit the skills learned are the same skills used and applied are, all to often, the same patterns used throughout one's existence regardless the season. What about when we are no longer living a life of pain? Do we adapt our ill learned skills of coping into new ones? Sadly, no for many.

As our seasons change so should our ability to cope and adapt. Old patterns and cognitive behaviors may no longer apply to every new experience we happen to find ourselves as we meander down our winding road of life. Mindfulness and self-awareness lend itself to the very evolution of how we adapt to any season we live through. Be well in peace and light.