Sublime Service

Spiritual beings living a human experience, I've heard it said. We all posses gifts, abilities and talents. Abilities that allow us to be of service through differing modes and capacities for all life. For some this can mean direct involvement through volunteering for country, rescue, soup kitchens, shelters, hospitals and the arts. For others, this may translate into helping in animal shelters or environmentalists protecting Gaia from the ravages of our consumeristic desire to amass more possessions which unfortunately further enables corporate greed.

We should also remember those courageous souls of varying religions and denominations who selflessly and devoutly work the will of the God or Source to help those who cannot help themselves in spreading the hope and awareness of Love. Yet there are battles and wars that have waged for over a millenia professing their cause on behalf of and in the name that very same God. Meanwhile succumbing to ego and ignorance, perverted by some fear fueled agenda. When in fact the purpose of our human experience is just that, to experience. To experience Love from every possible perspective and transcend to the greatest form of existence possible. For in the end there will always be only one omnipotent and omniscient all encompassing source and us being the essence of this universal source, Love.

As a collective we experience grace as we thrive and awaken to consciously choose to be in tune with Love. Our calling? Service of the highest order, spiritual service. Loving, divine, present, connected, aware, alive and unified. A form of service that understands Love is not merely some external force beyond us but a fire we radiate out back to the universe around us.

You see as stated in all holy and divine scriptures we are the very essence of Love as a child is the essence and offspring of those who usher them into this physical existence. Spiritual beings with the capacity to manifest Love in our living experience allows us to extend intentional loving sublime service to all. Be well in peace and light.