How hoarding can weigh you down as you enter a new year

Happy New Year y prosperidad (prosperity)! Typically, perhaps traditionally, the topic of conversation when entering a new year is about letting go. What does that mean really and what are we supposed to let go of exactly? Hmmm... Well i'd like to talk about the other side of letting go.

Truth be told I want to write about hoarding. Similar to that popular cable TV show about those unfortunate souls in our society afflicted with the desire to hold on to every possession they encounter. In reality, we all do the same thing with our emotions, we hoard them; all of them and bury or suppress them. That's right hoarding is not limited only to physical possessions, however. Taking stock is one thing; acknowledging, giving thanks for whatever blessings were revealed to us and then deciding whether the emotions we carry within benefit or limit us from reaching our highest potential.

It was once shared with me there is forgiveness and then there is grace. Yes, grace. A quote shared by one of the most influential TV personalities of our generation "forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different" really spoke to me and provided a whole new perspective on how to no longer hoard a feeling. Grace on the other hand is moving beyond forgiveness and embracing that which was part of our strife with courtesy, decency and decorum. This is not an easy virtue to always live and i will be the first to admit.

This requires tremendous courage and Love when we finally have done the hard work of acknowledgment, giving thanks for whatever blessings were revealed to us and then choosing to no longer hoard the feeling associated with that pain. Phew, talk about heavy lifting! From an emotional point of view it is completely understandable why we choose be angry and feed into the pain and hurt of a wrongdoing but it still doesn't mean hoarding is the way to go. When we choose to no longer hoard a feeling it is akin to shedding weight from changing one's lifestyle. In doing so we lighten our emotional load and "baggage". Make no mistake, mind you, this process can take time and a lot of personal work but doable nonetheless.

We've come this far down that winding road of life and still manged to survive which means our strength is greater than we realize. After all what do we have to lose but emotional clutter? Be well in peace and light.