Fuzzy Boundaries

Feeling respected, honored and most of all Loved are what each and everyone of us desires. So then why do we allow the exact opposite to occur? We give without regard and sacrifice our truths without question only to beat ourselves up and become filled with resentment; hoarding feelings that eat us from the inside. One example is how unspoken desires and needs often never come to light and yet we become resentful when those very desires and needs are not fulfilled. The very same can be said about truths we have actually shared that are not honored.

At what point do we draw that proverbial line in the sand of our spiritual landscape to stand up for our self respect and honor our self Love I ask you? Would you put up with anyone else disrespecting a loved one? Often time it is when we have allowed things to occur beyond the breaking point and wounds are too deep to undo the hurt that creates division. Then words are uttered in anger out of resentment and used as weapons leading to the precipice of deep rifts in Love for one another. All of this can simply be averted through constant sharing in an effort of ridding our lives from these fuzzy boundaries as we begin rebuilding clear and reasonable boundaries that add to our happiness. When we share our truths and establish clear boundaries we free ourselves and those we love to choose the best path possible.

Sure, easy enough right? Pppfffttt.... yeah right! The very first step involves personal work towards brutal honesty (keep it real y'all) with ourselves in identifying our boundaries; only then can we share them. Next comes the part that requires constant practice and mindful awareness. Yep you guessed it, maintaining those very boundaries. We're not in the clear just yet, mind you. Allow me to clarify something, self sacrifice does NOT mean we are at all required to subject ourselves to anything that detracts or takes away from our happiness. Let me put it this way, we are to Love and are NOT required the subjugation of disrespect and dishonor. And this is how clear boundaries allow us to demonstrate self Love and respect. Assuming anyone outside ourselves is suppose to innately know and understand how to love us is an exercise in futility.  Be well in peace and light.