Opposing forces or balance?

Love and Fear if not carefully understood, can either stunt personal growth or completely prevent any forward momentum towards personal growth. What has been previously revealed to me is a healthy balance and clear understanding of both forces. By understanding, acknowledging, and embracing our fears can we then walk through them to the other side of Loving more freely and deeply. My faith and desire towards better understanding Love has certainly inspired the basis for this belief. The forces in Fear actually compliment the forces of Love and vice versa. Working towards understanding that balance can be, I find, akin to understanding the concept of Yin-Yang which invariably is essential towards our personal growth. 


Fear, allow me to share how my experience with this emotion and how i was forever changed during an exercise that required me to trust and simply let go. Several years ago i attended an event called Vía Ferrata in VA where you can climb the side of a peak, traverse across a rock face, and cross cable brigdes all while harnessed in and clipped to safety cables with double lanyards throughout the course. The rules were simple, only remove one clip at a time when transtioning between elements, easy enough. Nothing to it i thought. Climbing was as basic as climbing a ladder where stainless steel rungs were cemented into the rock face. Pretty neat I thought. The view was spectacular, when I actually stopped for very brief moments to embrace it of course. You see i have a FEAR of falling, not heights. Though logically i understood how my safety was within my 'control' baring any potential equipment failure but Fear still caused my adrenaline to spike, sweat to completely soak my cothes, and the look of panic to be almost permanently etched into my face; knowing the entire time I was safe. That's when i realize and finally understood how to embrace fear.

Learning in biology class back in high school about our natural fight or flight response system and how we are designed to either protect ourselves or flee in moments of immediate danger. It never really occured to me that even though there is real danger in the world, Fear is not the danger in and of itself. Granted this example may not be within the context of what i'm trying to convey, the message is clear that even when there is no real danger we still allow Fear to paralyze our forward progress. Fear has its place in our lives which is to protect us, not harm us; it is only an emotion which then in turn causes a biological response.

Now onto Love and how it is THE foundation for all that is good and not so good in our lives. Our journey in this life flows down many paths towards Love. My respect and understanding of fear has forever changed my paradigm and approach to life. Love for another as i am to Love myself has a very profound implication. It means that whatever sacrifices and actions i am to take in demonstrating Love for another i am also required to do the same for myself. Think about that for a moment... REALLY, think about it. How many times have we allowed opportunities to pass us by out of fear only to then sacrifice and give for another without question because of our love for them? What kind of whacked mindset is that? It is an all too common truth and misunderstanding of sacrifice sprinkled with guilt for loving ourselves. Please do not misunderstand the message. Loving is to give, always. Just do it in a way that is fair and just for all involved, this includes ourselves. How in the world can i do that you ask? Easy, through open, honest and Lovingly sharing our truths.

There is nothing at all wrong with voicing, in a Loving manner, how you are willing to give and also wish pursue something that is important to you. Through sharing and communication an agreement, more often than not, can be reached towards some middle grown. Of course this ideal is not always the case. However, sharing and communicating sould always be the end goal. Because there are times when we will be required in life to sacrifice for the ones we love. Again, this goes back to boundaries and maintaining them.

Are Love and Fear really opposing forces or are they more complimentary forces when truly and equally embraced? Can the two forces allow us to lead fully rich Loving lives? It is up to you to live and not let Fear get in the way of living fully. Be well in Love and Light.