What does it mean to be empowered versus empowering? Empowerment, not to be confused with control, is when we as an individual or as a collective realize our inherent divine power to rise up elevate and own our truths. For example, i am NOT defined by circumstances of my past or present nor by my social, ethnic, racial status, etcétera, within my community. We must let go of patterns that have us constantly comparing ourselves to those around us because ultimately we are as unique as everyone else and still we are all ONE. A single drop of water is still one with all the seas and oceans.


Our humanity does not separate us, by its very design, being human actually unites us. Race, color, creed, or belief systems does NOT place us into subspecies, actually quite the opposite. These trivial "differences" are there to further enrich our human experience to share, to exchange, to respect, honor, and to elevate one another. Ponder for a moment how to compare is to separate instead of fostering a sense of community and collaboration; to lead with Love in place of ego is our true purpose. As a culture, as a society, we have allowed, enabled, the opposite to become our truth.

Consciously and mindfully choosing to respond instead of reacting while owning when we do react poorly and self accountability through Love, kindness, and compassion with ourselves and fellow human are all virtues we must adopt. Lovingly voicing our boundaries while having them respected and letting go of fear and hate for what we may not understand through forgiveness when our boundaries are trespassed upon is the essence of grace. Kind self-expression without risk or fear allows creativity and divinity to blossom as we navigate through our winding journeys together.

In the end when we as a race, as a species, set aside that which "separates" us and embrace that which unites us. When we ALL choose to become the catalysts for the ascension of a humanity one in Love is when we will be truly empowered.  Be well in peace and light.