Change, the constant

Resistance to letting go of the things we have no "control" over are challenges we all face day in and day out. There are several true constants we will always experience in our beautiful and wondrous existence. Regardless of the circumstances we happen to find ourselves in will always require things critical to sustaining life such as air, H2O, and certain nutrients. Fundamental and elemental right?

However, as critical as those needs are in sustaining life there other constants we should also acknowledge and accept after they are met. Constants such as the passing of time, life and death, and Change to name a few. You get my drift though. The thing is we are all intimately aware of Change as we are of many other constants that play significant roles in our lives. There are constants we take for granted like time for instance and the precious moments that pass us by like the warm smile of a stranger we may never see again. While others like Change we tend to resist and are forced to accept under protest, kicking and screaming is more like it.


We adapt our lives under the guise of safety and stability through patterns which perpetuate the illusion of control and we end up living our lives seeing the world from the comfort of our cozy little bubbles. I will be the first to admit that i am guilty of this in many respects. There is something to be said about adaptability like dealing with our boss handing us a spur of the moment task 10 minutes before the end of a long and gruling work week. Or dinner plans with that someone special falling through after you have just been seated at your favorite restaurant.  What do you do? Do you get up and walk out of your job with middle finger salute? Do enjoy a great meal with no. 1 and take a break from having to keep up with engaging conversation for a change? How about being blindsided with the end of that seemingly "too good to be true" relationship? Yeah that is absolutely one of the worse moments to experience.

Nevertheless, moments like these have the potential to turn us into a bitter resentful poopy pants. Rest assured that not many things in life are truly certain. However, Change will ALWAYS be there. We can always count on Change to mix it up, throw that perverbial curve ball, or plainly just give us a cold hard wakeup call. Are you getting that warm fuzzy feeling about Change yet? Didn't think so. Remeber that saying "when life hands you lemons... make a margarita and head on over to Margaritaville?" Well, that's not actually how it goes but i prefer my version over making plain old glass of lemonade. Boring!

A TED Talk video was recently shared with me by my adoring brother titled How to make stress your friend which was in part the inspiration for this blog entry. My view of stress will no longer be the same as a result of its viewing. Suffice it say many new revelations have become clear to me in my winding journey. Truths like art of letting go, forgiveness of others and myself, and the concept of adaptation which may not be as mutually exclusive as we would perceive them to be. They somehow seem to share this underlying synergistic relationship with one another. How we choose to respond to Change really does depend on our attitude. We may not have any control over the Change as it happens but we will always have the ability to choose how we deal with it. Now i it get, we're all human and emotions can usually get the best of us but through mindful awareness and practice new patterns can be developed.

The passing of time, life and death, and our life sustaining needs will always be constants in which Change plays a role. And we should always be mindfully aware and learn to embrace it. "Change how we see the world and how we see the world will Change." Be well in Peace and Light. .