Welcome and thank you for stopping by to see what that Loving space is all about. This blog is and will always be dedicated to those who inspire and believe in me to always share my gifts with the world. My perspective centers around and is founded in Love's light and empowerment. It is about sharing the practical and impractical aspects of Love as a whole, self Love and Love for all existence; it is also about mindful awareness of self.

There are two very fundamental truths involving Love. Firstly, love of self as we would love another and secondly do unto another as we would want done onto us. These ideals are nothing new or groundbreaking and yet for as long as these truths have existed we still struggle with both. Many of you would say "but those are religious based beliefs." Well they are but they are but they are actually universal.

Our world as we know it is not limited only to what we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch. This leap in perspective may not be an easy one for many of to conceptualize or how the concept of operating from the our "heart space" instead of our "head space" is the cradle of divine creativity.

What does all of this mindful awareness, heart or head space jibber jabber really mean anyway and what does it have to do with Love? i feel very strongly that EVERYTHING is intrinsically founded in Love or its inverse. Together we will share, discuss and even debate varying perspectives and perceptions of Love. Love on fellow readers, Love on. Be well in peace and light.

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