About Me


I firmly stand in the belief that NO ONE should go through transformation alone. No one! Embodying and living as a bridge of trust, a spark that ignites the soul, and a catalyst for transformation, is what lights me up! Having the courage to live powerfully in my truth is why I coach, guide, heal. This is how I choose to be of service.

My background involves a career in the high tech industry as an IT professional that includes 17+ years of experience with companies like Microsoft, AT&T and IBM, to name a few. I am a passionate workplace and personal transformational coach, intuitive guide and energy healing practitioner. My energy healing abilities serve to move trapped energies and emotions for improved flow, and access to inner wisdom and creativity.

This is my purpose, a passion I eat, sleep, and breathe so that I may be in service to my clients. My coaching experience includes over 350+ hours of paid and volunteer coaching experience as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

How it all began

Hi, my name is Ty Ryan and this is my story - raised in a broken home without any positive male role model until I was a teen when I chose to live with dad. All through life I had periods of paranormal and esoteric experiences. The kind of experiences that would drive one mad. I'd accepted my version of crazy as normal and struggled operate through life because I'd often find myself between this reality and that which lies beyond the veil. Life after high highschool wasn't very clear on how to be a man, then parenthood happened. I had to choose the kind of life I wanted to live for me, and for my kids.

The choice became clear to pursue a life in information technology. It came to me in the form of this amazing vision  like a movie playing out before me. There where computers of all sizes and shapes everywhere! So I listened and made the leap. Now, what set me apart from most IT Professionals was that I am completely self-taught. No traditional higher education in computer sciences whatsoever. How does one celebrate such accomplishments while keeping both feet on the ground? Simple, giving thanks everyday for the grace and amazing opportunities that led me here from just listening.

My transformation

Fast-forward 13yrs, when I'd reached a place where I accepted the illusion of utter and absolute powerlessness. My marriage, health, and even my sense of self worth were bad state of affairs. I was not showing up fully to life, I was still living loops of the past.

My journey in transformational coaching and the healing arts began after a very pivotal shift occurred, the following words which served as the catalyst “The gap between our sincere values and our actual behavior is the source of all self-hatred.” Finally it clicked…. That’s when my life’s journey revealed itself, while in motion, and that is when I began to answer the call for being of service.