How are you embracing the stretch?

Ever wanted support in arriving at your own conclusions without judgment, opinions, or advice? 

When clients experience the gift of feeling seen, heard, and recognized for their true value, a powerful transformation is evoked. In that safe space is where clients give themselves permission to show up courageously and face what is right in front of them. This is my mission with That Loving Space. Regardless the context, a safe caring space is held for you to show up fully as yourself. We all have a story to share. In that story is where your truth lives; your innate genius beckons to be ignited and unleashed.


What makes you a conscious man?

That is a journey I wish to explore further with You. Feeling called to a deeper understanding in becoming a more conscious man? Are you a guy living in greater awareness, but not sure how to step fully through the threshold? You are then invited to join me on an adventure to #RedefineMasculinity. Conscious men seem to have a deeper awareness of themselves, of others, and the world around them. They've put in the personal work that allows them to grasp the pitfalls of ego, strengthen their courage in vulnerability, and bolster their desire to actualize their authentic self. Together, let's explore what it means to be #ConsciousMen.


Exploring your story.


Looking back on life, what would your story say?

Your story has all you need to live authentically You. It's just a matter of perspective. How has your story shaped the untapped consciousness inside you? By holding you as the expert of your living experience, our relationship holds a safe space for you to explore and discover the story behind your story for maximized potential.

While in transition, lingering not far behind is transformation.
— Ty Ryan


You, me, and a plan. Co-created by you, for you.


Co-devising a plan that works best for you is a collaborative effort. No one should have to venture personal development alone. Here's the thing, plans are great in offering a framework from which to bring forth our best self. Plans can also be the box in which we find ourselves confined, keeping us shackled to old paradigms. Co-Actively creating a plan that speaks to your core values invites experiences that nourish the best in You. I know, it all sounds somewhat touchy-feely, but consider the following.

How clear are you on what ignites your higher self?



The story we live is not always the story we choose.


Take a moment to look at your current experience from ten thousand foot view. Like a storyboard, where are the gaps of your experience? Now give yourself permission to look forward to a story that appeals most to you. How would it play out? What would it look like? Whom do you see yourself becoming? How would you want your day-2-day story to feel? It's easy to get stuck in the "How to" of creating a new narrative. The "How" is where our genius and spark get snuffed out. Together let's tap into the innate creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness that makes you whole.

Free yourself from unhealthy loops that keep you anchored to your now.
— Ty Ryan


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Bold clients sharing their experience to the power of support.

Ty has been coaching me for sometime now and his guidance has been a blessing. He is really good at asking compelling questions; therefore, I was able to dig deep within myself and get to the root of my core. Ty’s intuition is on point and genuine. He is truly gifted. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Words cannot even express the gratitude I have for him. Ty is an amazing coach!
— Ernesto G, Lauderdale by the sea, FL
Exceptional coach and life changing experience! Ty has been coaching and guiding me for a few years now with readings and coaching sessions! He creates a life changing experience and really gets to the root of my challenge areas. His readings are incredibly accurate, and his optimistic energy is contagious! Be prepared to make large shifts working with Ty and enjoy the journey.
— Ashley S. Charlotte, NC
Ty has an amazing presence and intuition! He is genuine and caring. My experience was over the moon!!!
— Lori Ann P. New Bern, NC
Bryan P.