Loving support in an ever changing world



 Loving support in an ever changing world

At That Loving Space, it's all about you and what supports your transformation. You have the power to choose how your story plays out. We achieve this by co-creating a caring and professional relationship that supports you in greater fulfillment through dramatic shifts in perspective, courageous accountability, work-life balance, and improved relationship with self and others. Empowering you to bridge the gap between your now and a life you love. Services are conveniently offered in an array of workplace, personal, and intuitive coaching services via phone, video, and in-person for local clients.


personal Coaching

Ready to become the author of your story?

We are all in constant relationship with our inner and outer worlds. Be it a stranger, colleague, manager, partner, child, sibling, or parent. Each moment is co-created between you and them. You choose how your story plays out.

What has you feeling powerless?

Stop reliving the same old loops that keep you anchored to your now. Co-create a now in fulfillment, a now with improved skills in communication, and purpose-filled living. You owe it to yourself. You are deserving. You are enough.

Personal Benefits

Looking back on life, what would your story say?

You are deserving of experiencing benefits that extend far beyond your inner world into your outer world, with keen agility in relationships, improved communication, and a healthier sense of self.

  • Renewed relationship with self
  • Greater self reliance and trust
  • enhanced communications
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Courageously showing up more fully
  • Notable responsibility and accountability
  • Taking appreciable action in achieving goals

WorkPlace Coaching

This service equips your workforce with skills, tools, and opportunities that fully support employees and teams in professional agility. It supports employees and teams in becoming more effective in their commitment to themselves, their work, and the organization as a whole.

There is no denying that today's hires are reshaping the workplace. One-on-one and group coaching offered in the workplace bridges the gap between managerial paradigms of yesteryear with the evolving pool of talent rising through the ranks.

Workplace Benefits

Many wonderful benefits are ushered in with coaching like new perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making capabilities, improved interpersonal effectiveness and agility, and increased confidence. Those who undertake coaching can also expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

Ty exhibited the excitement and genuineness that allowed me to feel like he was speaking to me on a deeper level.
— Sonja B. Charlotte, NC

What is Coaching

The International Coach Federation defines as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work, and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. The coach is an equal partner with the client; focus is on the present and future; and progress tends to be quick, and include forward momentum.

What it's not

A therapist diagnoses the problem and uses their expertise to promote healing. Progress involves exploring the past which can take time. Coaches don’t diagnose illnesses and healing is not the objective. Though much healing can occur through dramatic shifts in perception and perspectives. Emotions are seen as part of the human condition.

Since personal coaching does not constitute medical consultation, in diagnosis or treatment, services rendered may not be covered by health insurance. Fees may be considered a deductible business expenses, and a great addition to existing wellness programs for professionals and organizations.


    As a coach, I adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards found at www.coachfederation.org.


    As a coach, my commitment to confidentially is as follows.

    • I maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information unless release is required by law.
    • Have clear agreement about how coaching information will be exchanged among coach, client and sponsor will be made available, and agreed to, between coach and client.
    • Have a clear agreement when acting as a coach, coach mentor, coaching supervisor or trainer, with both client and sponsor, student, mentee, or supervisee about the conditions under which confidentiality may not be maintained (e.g., illegal activity, pursuant to valid court order or subpoena; imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others; etc) and make sure both client and sponsor, student, mentee, or supervisee voluntarily and knowingly agree in writing to that limit of confidentiality.
    • Where I reasonably believe that because one of the above circumstances is applicable, I may need to inform appropriate authorities.




    Intuitive Guidance

    This service helps illuminate your expansion by tapping into divine knowing. Life is more doable when we gain insight to our path. The intuitive guidance you receive is vivid, dynamic, and rich in dimension for an expanded view of your now.

    Your guides reveal truths from beyond the veil of reality. I access and allow those truths to be shared through me.

    • Clairvoyant and empathic impressions
    • Channeling of transcendental wisdom
    • Future-casting based on your now
    • Past life regression support

    Energetic Healing

    As a medical intuitive and energetic healer, you will experience healing beyond traditional medicine. Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

    Everyone experiences healing in their own way. Allow me to provide you the relief you seek and experience healing from the inside-out. All that is required of you is the desire and commitment to heal and live a healthier life.

    • 4D MRI-like perception of your anatomy
    • Liberating trapped energies
    • Chakra activation for improved healing
    • Identifying and releasing of trapped emotions

    Listen to your gut and book your next intuitively guided session today!

    Intuitive Development Coaching

    How do you access inner wisdom?

    Some call it a gut instinct. Others call it vibe or inner knowing, beyond logic or reason. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. The service of intuitive development coaches and empowers you with greater access of inner wisdom beyond the five senses.

      Ty has an amazing presence and intuition! He is genuine and caring. My experience was over the moon!!!
      — Lori A. New Bern, NC

      Are you in midst of weird occurrences?

      You know, the kind that make you feel you're one comment away from a padded room! If you've experienced any of the following, then it is time to step through the door of your human evolution. Below are examples of what someone may begin to experience early in their awakening.

      • Lucid or vivid dreams
      • Gaps in temporal reality
      • Sensing energies in your space
      • Visions of future events
      • Voices not your own
      • Compelled to share with strangers
      • Colors surrounding people or objects
      • Being visited by entities at night

      These experiences indicate you are being called to grow, stretch, and explore the full breadth of your gifts and abilities. The framework for this process is quite simple. There is no silver bullet or reversing it either. Once you're on, you are on!

      The bottom line

      Intuitive development coaching supports the empowerment to greater access of your intuition and inner wisdom beyond the five senses.

      Here's breakdown of what to expect throughout the curriculum. Each module offers you extraordinary access to abilities we already possess. These are broken down into 9 modules across 12 sessions.

      1. Discovering Your Gift Order
      2. The Awakening Experience
      3. Creating Your Sacred
      4. Your Process
      5. Inventory of Self
      6. The "how” in asking
      7. Lost in Translation
      8. Your Super Powers at Work
      9. The Manifest Paradigm

      What do you get out of this?

      For starters, imagine having the ability to receive more accurate reads on people and situations without ego, or reasoning, getting in the way. Or the ability to have vastly improved resilience beyond the limits of your five senses. My favorite, the limitless access to richer experiences and abundance when living, and embodying, truths we intuit.

      Ty had specific access to details, there was no way he could’ve known… And confirmed many decisions I’ve already made...
      — Maria A. Charlotte, NC




      how This works


      *Technologies used include Apple FaceTime, Google+ Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, Facebook Messenger, and ZOOM.



      Satisfied Clients


      Happy campers sharing their experience While In That Loving Space

      Exceptional coach & life changing experience! Ty has been coaching and guiding me for a few years now with readings and coaching sessions! He creates a life changing experience and really gets to the root of my challenge areas. His readings are incredibly accurate, and his optimistic energy is contagious! Be prepared to make large shifts working with Ty and enjoy the journey.
      — Ashley S, Charlotte, NC
      Ty has been coaching me for sometime now and his guidance has been a blessing. He is really good at asking compelling questions; therefore, I was able to dig deep within myself and get to the root of the core. Ty’s intuition is on point and genuine. He is truly gifted. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Words cannot even express the gratitude I have for him. Ty is an amazing coach!
      — Ernesto G, Lauderdale by the sea, FL



      Ty Ryan is a Certified Professional Life Coach, highly gifted intuitive and healing arts practitioner. Embodying and living as a bridge of trust, a spark that ignites the soul, and a catalyst for transformation. Ultimately, by having the courage to live powerfully in his truth is where he found his purpose as life coach, intuitive guide, and energy healer. This is how Ty chooses to be of service for all.

      How it all began

      This is my story - raised in a broken home without any positive male role model until early adolescence when I chose to live with dad during my high school years. In life I'd have periods of paranormal and mystical experiences. The kind that would drive anyone mad. I'd had no other choice but to accepted my version of "Crazy" as normal and find a way to operate through life. Often finding myself straddling multiple realities. Sounds crazy, believe me I know. Life after high highschool wasn't very clear either, then parenthood happened. I had to choose, what kind of life did I wanted for my children and me?

      The choice was clear, to pursue a life in information technology. You see, it came to me in the form of an amazing vision. Very much like a movie playing out before me. There where computers of all sizes and shapes everywhere! So I listened and made the leap. Now, what set me apart from most IT Professionals is that I was completely self-taught. No traditional higher education in computer sciences whatsoever. How does one celebrate such accomplishments while keeping both feet on the ground? Simple, giving thanks everyday for the grace and amazing opportunities that led me here by simply listening.

      My transformation

      My journey in transformational coaching and the healing arts began after a very pivotal shift occurred, the following words which served as the catalyst “The gap between our sincere values and our actual behavior is the source of all self-hatred.” Finally it clicked…. That’s when my life’s journey revealed itself, while in motion, and that is when I began to answer the call for being of service.

      Fast-forward 13yrs, when I'd reached a place where I accepted the illusion of utter and absolute powerlessness. My marriage, health, and even my sense of self worth were bad state of affairs. I was not showing up fully to life, I was still living loops of the past.


      I firmly stand in the belief that NO ONE should go through transformation alone. No one!

      My background involves a career in the high tech industry as an IT professional that includes 17+ years of experience with companies like Microsoft, AT&T and IBM, to name a few. I am a passionate workplace and personal transformational coach, intuitive guide and energy healing practitioner. My energy healing abilities serve to move trapped energies and emotions for improved flow, and access to inner wisdom and creativity.

      This is my purpose, a passion I eat, sleep, and breathe so that I may fully be of service to my clients. My coaching experience includes over 350+ hours of paid and volunteer coaching experience as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).